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Tveteskogen - pre WOC 2016 (13.04.2015)
first meeting with this heavy terrain. It is s lot about finding good and runnable mikrochoices. 9th control was executed straight...
Hoias diamond night (12.04.2015)
basic night diamond moderate intensity
Moss Simo (12.04.2015)
Neděle 12 duben 2015
Kategorie: Tréninky
two mistakes, once I read wrong leg and once I lost contact on the long leg...
ZBM NOB (20.02.2015)
Pátek 20 únor 2015
Kategorie: Tréninky
I had problems with the light, especially to the 3rd control, where I have to stop and fix it, but it black out few times in the r...
Krupka middle (14.02.2015)
good run and suprisingly light legs after skiing...
Vysypka (13.02.2015)
amazing human made terrain in Czech Republic
SHK model (08.02.2015)
beaten by SHK guys