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Cockatoo Island (28.12.2014)
Nice sprint preparartion with Jet-lag and heavy legs. Few mistakes and low concentration...
Suda licha (15.10.2014)
Středa 15 říjen 2014
Kategorie: Tréninky
middle Inshriach (13.10.2014)
Pondělí 13 říjen 2014
Kategorie: Tréninky
Long 13th May Lavarone (13.05.2014)
My HRavg was pretty under my standarts and this was visible on my speed. Next time I will be in better shape! I missed on the long...
Middle 12th May Lavarone (12.05.2014)
Physically totaly wasted and I did many small mistakes, not the best test run
MCR sprint (08.05.2014)
MČR sprint again second place 3s behind Vojta Kral
CZE middle EOC test (22.03.2014)
good and clear run
NOB Bukovinka (12.02.2014)
Night-o on the map 1:15 000, bit difficult to read. Mistakes 1,5min to 5 and 6 th control. It was really bushy on the way to 5, bu...
RD night (07.02.2014)
ups, I missed in butterfly and the rest was quite ok...
NOB Ruprechtov (05.02.2014)
OK run, feeling bit tired so not so fast. Few smaller problems...
Night-o Podvrší (10.01.2014)
Good run and feeling fine
Kyvalka by night II (08.01.2014)
second part of Kyvalka night-o, somehow course was too short so I had add some more kilometres, route to first control 2,7km (stra...
Kyvalka by night (08.01.2014)
Good run, but on the way to 8th I got stucked in green and afterwards did not see flag on the place.To 11th too risky route, I sho...