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Czech champs clubs (2nd) (14.10.2018)
Not my best day. Plus worst forking everywhere - lost the lead already after first forking. My time was 3 minutes slower than Petr...
Wcup final - middle - VICTORY (06.10.2018)
Some mistakes in the begginng of the race. 40" at fist control, 10" at 4th, 15" at 7th.
Czech champ - long distance final A (1st) (16.09.2018)
First small mis when run out from first control. Wrong route choice to the third control - ca 1' lost (Should have went from ri...
Czech champ - long distance Q (H21C) (1st) (15.09.2018)
Almost perfect race in moderate pace.
long distance Jakuszyce (26.06.2018)
Úterý 26 červen 2018
Kategorie: Tréninky
Jakuszyce 1:15 000, Czech team, POL
Runing fast, but not full speed.. Made quite a lot of mistakes. So I was surprised to finish just 15s behind Pavel. :)
Czech champ middle (24.06.2018)
Neděle 24 červen 2018
Kategorie: Závody
Hrádky b28 1:10 000, TJ Tesla Brno, CZE
Victory! Nice to regain my last years title.. Felt really good physically and mayde "only" one bigger mistake, which cost me aroun...
Czech cup (6.r) long 1st (10.06.2018)
Neděle 10 červen 2018
Kategorie: Závody
Zmrzlé skály 1:15 000, ASU, CZE
Almost all route choices I made wrong this time.
Czech cup (5.r) middle 1st (09.06.2018)
Sobota 9 červen 2018
Kategorie: Závody
Malá Polanka 1:10 000, ASU, CZE
Good race.
10mila (9th leg) (29.04.2018)
Few hesitations.. But overall really happy with my race under presure. Could have run more str8 to the first control, where I got ...
long EOC test race (22.04.2018)
Neděle 22 duben 2018
Kategorie: Tréninky
czech team, SVK
6,5' of mistakes&badroutechoises. Still so much better than yesterday's middle. Unfortunately I felt during downhill to third co...
middle EOC test race (21.04.2018)
4,5' of mistakes. Really bad race
VY sprint (08.04.2018)
Neděle 8 duben 2018
Kategorie: Závody
Tišnov sever, VBM
TC Easter nightO (31.03.2018)
Sobota 31 březen 2018
Kategorie: Tréninky
Kančí zoubek 1:10 000
TC Easter #3 even&odd with Steve (30.03.2018)
Even into the butterfly and odd from it. :D
TC Por #12 - contours&rocks (23.03.2018)
Pátek 23 březen 2018
Kategorie: Tréninky
Sr. dos Caminhos, Novotný, POR
TC Por #7 - long easy (AP1) (21.03.2018)
Středa 21 březen 2018
Kategorie: Tréninky
S. Matias 1:15 000, Novotny, POR
TC Por #6 middle AP2 (20.03.2018)
Úterý 20 březen 2018
Kategorie: Tréninky
Aguiar da Beira norte, Novotný, POR
TC Por #4 - long  (19.03.2018)
Pondělí 19 březen 2018
Kategorie: Tréninky
Quinta da Estrada 1:15 000, Novotný, POR
Moderate pace. Made one mistake to 13th control (ap.1:00). Couldn't read contours in reality and then run over the control.. ...
TC Portugal #2 - multitechnique #4 memory (no compass) (18.03.2018)
My memory is working well.. Didn't stay staring into the map longer than few seconds.
TC Portugal #2 - multitechnique #2 contours (no compass) (18.03.2018)
More or less satisfied with this part.
TC Portugal #2 - multitechnique #1 direction (18.03.2018)
Really hard as a first part of this training session. Didn't find control on third control cause it was on the top.. :D
TC Portugal #1 - put/pick (18.03.2018)
With Daniel. My first technical training in 2,5 month. LOVE IT!