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Sobota 28 listopad 2020
Kategorie: Tréninky
Rudawy Janowickie - Trzcinsko, Poland
Middle F. Good flow. K3 - the nose tricked me and I got more right then expected, about 15" loss, K12 - wanted to go right but cha...
Sobota 28 listopad 2020
Kategorie: Tréninky
Paulinum, Poland
Middle Q, good start but took wrong control ordel after 4th control. Mistakes - K10 hesitation in last meters, K13 - being to much...
MČR Krátká trať (03.10.2020)
Sobota 3 říjen 2020
Kategorie: Tréninky
Borovina, BOR, Czech republic
Perfect beginning. First hesitation at C9, but hardly can be called as a mistake. C12 - was bit under the stone, so I had to climb...
MČR štafety (26.09.2020)
Sobota 26 září 2020
Kategorie: Tréninky
Klokoč, AOP, Czech republic
relay, úsek 3rd|Výsledky
Low visibility, rough vegetaion and ground. K15 - catching other runners and got a bit stressed, about 10" hesitation, K17 - anoth...
MČR Klasika (19.09.2020)
Sobota 19 září 2020
Kategorie: Tréninky
Zubštejn, ZBM, Czech republic
Long distance|Výsledky
K1 - should have picked the path on left routechoice, K11 - first cramps, K13 - reding long leg in advance and forgot to turn, K16...
Rumcajsovy míle E3 (19.07.2020)
K1 - should have run on path from right, K5 - completely impossible vegetation 1:30 lost due to early start - my focus was lost, K...
Rumcajsovy míly E2 (18.07.2020)
Sobota 18 červenec 2020
Kategorie: Tréninky
Valečovské světničky
DSQ at K11 - jumped a cliff (it's sprint symbol set). Extremly intensive orienteering - love it! Except wrong control order 15 -> ...
Rumcajsovy míle E1 (18.07.2020)
K14 - suicide to run straigth, map wasn't correct, K19 - loosing my SI card in wasp's nest and looking for it took me some time. O...
Basic tempo, focused on right flow. Just K12 i searched bit too early and K6 didn't see flag.
Treshold pace - tired since half and hesitate a bit. No major mistakes, only bad routechoices K9,K19
Treshold middle distance, 1:5000, pretty interesting, under control
Neděle 3 květen 2020
Kategorie: Tréninky
Treshold tempo, K5 - bit unsecure in the circle, K11 - totaly invisible feature, but anyway I didn't have clear attack point, K15 ...
Lost focus in some places. Didn't see tapes on controls sometimes. Anyway stupid mistakes - K7 - forgot to turn from road and had ...
Fast middle, but felt bit tired so had a slower begining. K6 - focused on different cliff passage when leaving the road and got wr...
Strong beginning. Little mistake at K16 and then less and less power. Otherwise good peformance!
WOC relevant, middle downhill - mistakes and mistakes. K1 - not sure about flag placement. K3 - wtf?! why did I do that? Possibly ...
Some problems with GPS signal at nb.15, 17-19. One bigger mistake - at nb.18, didn't see the marsh nor the black cross, so I passe...
Treshold pace. Confusion at C9, no stone, just pile of small stones -> serching for real stone for a while and took strange direct...
First time on this map. Fast session, stripes on controls. Some compass mistakes - nb.7, 10, 18 (biggest mistake, 30"), 20 - aroun...
Slightly different course - K2,8,10,11,12, Treshold tempo. Some hetitations, small mistakes..
K3 - got low due to rough green, Basic speed
Mistakes - K2, K9, K10, K6, K7, K15, K18 :) Tried to push, but my head was against.
Treshold pace until 15th control.
One man relay with Danish team. Wrong diraction to nb.60 in first loop. Second loop was chasing - more nervous and tough. Nb.67 & ...
Night mass start - after butterflies high tempo resulted in mistaket at K15 (finding K16 first), then rage and successfully catchi...
K1 - K7
Massstart - K1 - bit unsecure, K15 - too low, K17 - parallel mistake
Super cool middle distance, I should have run it recovered, not very tired.. Mistakes - K1: new level of generalization took me ti...
Fast session - chasing start. Mistakes - K8: to early searching for control, K17 wrong direction (saw guy starting in fron of me a...
Treshold tempo, small mistake K5