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Na této stánce budu publikovat mapy, tratě a postupy ze závodů, které jsem absolvoval.

Treshold pace. Confusion at C9, no stone, just pile of small stones -> serching for real stone for a while and took strange direct...
First time on this map. Fast session, stripes on controls. Some compass mistakes - nb.7, 10, 18 (biggest mistake, 30"), 20 - aroun...
Slightly different course - K2,8,10,11,12, Treshold tempo. Some hetitations, small mistakes..
K3 - got low due to rough green, Basic speed
Mistakes - K2, K9, K10, K6, K7, K15, K18 :) Tried to push, but my head was against.
Treshold pace until 15th control.
One man relay with Danish team. Wrong diraction to nb.60 in first loop. Second loop was chasing - more nervous and tough. Nb.67 & ...
Night mass start - after butterflies high tempo resulted in mistaket at K15 (finding K16 first), then rage and successfully catchi...
K1 - K7
Massstart - K1 - bit unsecure, K15 - too low, K17 - parallel mistake
Super cool middle distance, I should have run it recovered, not very tired.. Mistakes - K1: new level of generalization took me ti...
Fast session - chasing start. Mistakes - K8: to early searching for control, K17 wrong direction (saw guy starting in fron of me a...
Treshold tempo, small mistake K5