Long distance - czech team camp (04.04.2021)
Kategorie: Tréninky
Mapa/oblast: Selská rokle
Délka: 10.70 km
Převýšení: 640 m
Skutečná délka: 13.87 km
Čas: 72:48
Průměr: 6:48 min/km
Skutečný průměr: 5:15 min/km
Prům. tepy: 94
Max. tepy: 94
Defensive orienteering - since the beginning i felt rusty technicaly so I was looking for easy routechoices which in the end appeared as wrong ones.. K3 - running too much around - after race it was clear that straight is better option (previous knowledge of the path on left variant twisted my mind easily!), K5 - stupid reading of green instead of contours got me too much left - about 30" mistake, K6 - choosing left one because easy comming to control - again defensive orienteering and slower routechoice, K7 - like an idiot running around on the well known path - loosing maybe 15", K10 - finding clifs from the top is always tricky and I failed eventhough there was newly cuted open area - 30" loss, K14 - defensive tactic again, should run straight - 30" loss.. in total 1:45 on stupid mistakes and some more minutes on slower pace - AVG HR was low treshold
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Long distance - czech team camp (04.04.2021) Long distance - czech team camp (04.04.2021)