Jukola 2017 (17.06.2017)
Kategorie: Závody
Země: FIN
Disciplína: night relay
Délka: 14.40 km
Převýšení: 340 m
Skutečná délka: 16.81 km
Čas: 100:21
Průměr: 6:58 min/km
Skutečný průměr: 5:58 min/km
Prům. tepy: 169
Max. tepy: 182
Almost night 2nd leg for Täby OK, thanks a lot, started around 190th place, finished 141st after 2 big mistakes. I felt a bit faster than the others around but wasn't able to run away from them alone, trust myself is the thing to improve :)

C1 - good rc, in the end running next to the vege boundary but did not seee the control as it was a bit inside the green
C2 - a bit of uncertainty in the 2nd half
C5 - ran too much to the right in the beginning, then following the group
C11 - wanted to go along the path on the first half but did not read it well and followed the forest aisle instead
C12 - more in the left and hesitation just before the control point
C14 - horrible rc through super slow swamp, lost more than 50s
C16 - small problems in the end but caught the others anyway
C18 - slower rc
C19 - biggest mistake - following two other guys to the different forking and then not sure about the exact location (3mins)
C24 - slower but safer rc, ran a bit to the forbidden area in the beginning and got tired to the uphill being there all alone
C25 - Bad direction with few other guys and took a while to realize that -> almost 2 minutes :(
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Jukola 2017 (17.06.2017) Jukola 2017 (17.06.2017)