Shitang Village (06.12.2017)
Kategorie: Tréninky
Mapa/oblast: Shitang Village
Země: China
Disciplína: shorter long
Délka: 4.20 km
Mistake towards C1, where i wasnt focused enough and missed the small path on the left side and i found myself on cunrving path. On way to C2 (which was in right circle, because there were some repairs) i went very well, but i got into street, which was closed. To C4 next mistake, because there was wet canal and then river, i didnt spot that control is behind the canal and i ran over the river. After fifth control i was very tired and got pain to my shins. I almost couldnt run so the rest of the training i ran very slowly. Next wrong RC came to C7, where i helped a little girl but lost myself, so i made a small circle to the control. Towards C8 i ran to closed street again. When i was running from C9, i tried to cross the dense forest but it didnt work, so i used the same way back. For C10 was horrible to run again because of dense forest and a lot of trees with thorns. C11-finish was ok, just trying to run.
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Shitang Village (06.12.2017) Shitang Village (06.12.2017)