Forked middle Nåsten west (03.02.2017)
Kategorie: Tréninky
Mapa/oblast: Nåsten 1:10 000
Pořadatel: Albin
Disciplína: long middle
Délka: 8.00 km
Převýšení: 183 m
Skutečná délka: 8.89 km
Čas: 65:24
Průměr: 8:11 min/km
Skutečný průměr: 7:21 min/km
Prům. tepy: 136
Max. tepy: 147
Newest part of the map. In my opinion the best part of Nåsten. The visibility is quite low in many places and nature is so nice there. Lot of stones&rocks. Mass start with some forkings. I had a good flow bu also did few mistakes. Especially the one towards c26 made me disapointed of my directon holding.. It was kind of paralel mistake I thought I was already behind that water stream cause I run across a huge marsh. I'll try to learn from them. → Next time better! Felt easy to run → my HR was nicely in moderate range. I'm recovered now. Finished little bit behind Rasmus.
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Forked middle Nåsten west (03.02.2017) Forked middle Nåsten west (03.02.2017)