Czech middle championship - Q (21.06.2014)
Kategorie: Závody
Mapa/oblast: Sklad sýrů 1:10 000
Pořadatel: Magnus orienteering
Země: Czech republik
Disciplína: middle
Délka: 5.20 km
Převýšení: 290 m
I had a good start until the control number 5.(79), where I caught up Pavel Kubát and other like 8 runners from different categories. It was a really weird area so you actually couldn't use a map for 100% to finfing the control. I was lucky that Pavel was already searching the control one minute. And he found it for us. After that he started to run really fast. Knowing that I was running the same heat. So I used him. I was just checking if he was going right direction, because I didn't need to hurry up. So I more or less just followed him. And I save some mental and also physical energy. So in the end I knew Pavel was running very good since the 5th control. And I ended up first in our heat and Pavel was second 1:54 behind. Thanks Pavel.
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Czech middle championship - Q (21.06.2014) Czech middle championship - Q (21.06.2014)