ČP Odranec (07.06.2014)
Kategorie: Závody
Mapa/oblast: Kopeček 822; 1:15 000
Pořadatel: KOS Tesla Brno
Země: CZE
Disciplína: long
Délka: 16.40 km
Převýšení: 390 m
I was really out of energy from selection race long held on monday, so I struggle with orienteering technique because I didn't really find any concentration in myself. If I can count up how much I looked into the map then it will be truly small number. I was also thinking about skipping the race, but I found some courage and I finished it. Even though I knew I'll be beaten at least by ten minutes.
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ČP Odranec  (07.06.2014) ČP Odranec  (07.06.2014)