10mila Prologen (01.05.2014)
Kategorie: Závody
Mapa/oblast: Wäntö Gäre
Pořadatel: SOK Aneby
Země: Sweden
Disciplína: middle
Délka: 6.20 km
Převýšení: 185 m
No big problems during this competition. Maybe just one biger hesitation at second last control, where I didn't understand map in the green area. When looking to the result remamber that Daniel didn't run fullspeed all the way. That legs where he is loosing time he was "just jogging"=running slower i would say. I was quite impresed by Soren Schwartz performance.
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10mila Prologen (01.05.2014) 10mila Prologen (01.05.2014)