Lipica Open E4 (11.03.2014)
Kategorie: Tréninky
Mapa/oblast: Lipica 1:10 000
Pořadatel: Slovenia
Země: Slovenia
Disciplína: extended middle
Délka: 6.00 km
Převýšení: 120 m
I started really well. But on the way to 6th I lost my concentration and lost myself as well. Found out where I was at the big path. Lost two minutes there. Than I try to focus even more on holding concentration. But suddenly I was at control 15th, but I didn't have 14th. Shit happend. So I try to continued fighting, But on the way to second last control I couldn't go streight I simply couldn't fight with stony ground anymore. So I lost again almost one minute. Anyway first part of the race I really enjoyed. :)
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Lipica Open E4 (11.03.2014) Lipica Open E4 (11.03.2014)