150 control ultimate course! (01.02.2014)
Kategorie: Tréninky
Mapa/oblast: Drábovna
Pořadatel: myself
Země: CZE
Disciplína: ultimate
Délka: 8.10 km
Převýšení: 980 m
Great challenge at Drábovna forest. 150 controls at 10 km course. Terrain where is very rare to reduce average pace under 10'/km (my pace 11:04 min/km (15:49)). There was about 2-5cm snow in the forest, so it was extremely slipery in passages (no spike shoes are allowed here). 10,5km and 985m climb according to GPS. Real challenge and great training!
Unfortunately no flags at the controls, means more challenge for us. I was guessing longer time than two hours. So my refreshment station next to finish was not so necessary to have.
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150 control ultimate course! (01.02.2014) 150 control ultimate course! (01.02.2014)