Czech long distance championship final (22.09.2013)
Kategorie: Závody
Mapa/oblast: Chlapecké kameny 1:15 000
Pořadatel: ASU Magnus Orienteering
Země: Czech republic
Disciplína: long
Úsek: H21A
Délka: 13.80 km
Převýšení: 655 m
Skutečná délka: 17.58 km
Čas: 92:58
Průměr: 6:44 min/km
Skutečný průměr: 5:17 min/km
From the beggining it was more like middle distance again. Hidden controls where I had few times big troubles c4. and c6. I was totally confused at the area around c14. and 15(Also Tomáš Dlabaja(both), Jan Šedivý(15.), Jan Procházka(both) and Adam Chromý(14.) are making mistakes here, so it’s a little suspicious). I thing altitude of contour lines are wrong or the control 14. was set higher, so than I made mistake to c15. as well.. And the biggist error was route choice at the longest leg to 18. Where I thought I was saving much more elevation than streight choice. In the finish I realized it was just 15 contour lines. And I ran 1700m more than it. So I lost 5minutes to Jan Šeďivý, so approximately around three minutes. Last two kilometers were totally identical to yesterday’s that was the most boring part of the race. Really bad performance from my side. I expected much more from myself after last weekend. :(
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Czech long distance championship final (22.09.2013) Czech long distance championship final (22.09.2013)