Czech national Cup(7.)-middle (15.09.2013)
Kategorie: Závody
Mapa/oblast: Umrlčí rokle 1:10 000
Pořadatel: OB Kotlářka
Země: Czech republic
Disciplína: Middle distance
Délka: 4.30 km
Převýšení: 330 m
Skutečná délka: 5.27 km
Čas: 38:51
Průměr: 9:02 min/km
Skutečný průměr: 7:22 min/km
Today I had not find my flow like yesterday. Also there was a problem with printing some of us was given map shifted printing of the course. And a small displaced could make a big mistake in last meters of atacking control. But anyway I did two mistaes, both of then with a different reason than this. Nice course btw. And I was not satisfied with my performance, but the result was OK for me. :)
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Czech national Cup(7.)-middle (15.09.2013) Czech national Cup(7.)-middle (15.09.2013)