NOB Vysoká (23.11.2012)
Kategorie: Tréninky
Pořadatel: Libor
Disciplína: night-o
Délka: 6.50 km
Převýšení: 100 m
Foggy weather and smoooth GPS mode, makes line unajustable. But this cannot excuse my mistakes 1c-110s, 2c-30s, 3c-30s, 4c-20s, 6c-30s, 11c-15s, 12c-20s, 13c-30s, 14c-15s, all together over 5min mistakes, But I have enjoyed it and have a good feeling. Next time I will read the map!
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NOB Vysoká (23.11.2012) NOB Vysoká (23.11.2012)