Immeln runt (12.11.2011)
Kategorie: Tréninky
Pořadatel: FKG
Země: SWE
Disciplína: running
Long running pass became longer and longer since nobody wanted to quit... So what could I do? Just to follow... 8 guys (including 2 ladies) from FKG finished complete loop around lake Immeln. Unbelievable 43 km, mostly on forest tracks and paths, sometimes quite hilly. Good job Anna, Lindha, Mange, Sillen, Andreas, Håkan and Jeppe (me of course as well :-) )! Robin, Lucy, Kerstin and Rickard did the first half. Henrik supported from the minibuss and last 20km as a runner too. He did the same full course a week before...
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Immeln runt (12.11.2011) Immeln runt (12.11.2011)