Vätterbygden By Night / 8 (01.02.2012)
Kategorie: Tréninky
Mapa/oblast: Baggarp
Pořadatel: IKHP
Země: SWE
Disciplína: night
Délka: 8.40 km
Pretty tough orienteering. Some runners were some time around but I went my own routechoices. Some marshes were frozen but I found some wet too. Not funny to break the ice in -10. Leading group missed a few times and since I didn't make any big mistake I was a few times back in the game. Finally I caught them up at the second last control. Since I'm too lazy for a finish sprint at night trainings I let them to compete 50m ahead of me. When I came to the last control I felt like legendary Steven Bradbury - everybody missed... :-)
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Vätterbygden By Night / 8 (01.02.2012) Vätterbygden By Night / 8 (01.02.2012)