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ICE-O 2011 middle (03.07.2011)
Neděle 3 červenec 2011
Kategorie: Závody
Vífilsstaðahlíð, Rathlaupsfélagið Hekla, NATLOC2011, ISL
Very nice area - west from the road - a lava field with sharp rocks and deep cracks. Control 4 in lava cave! East part of the area...
ICE-O 2011 long (02.07.2011)
Sobota 2 červenec 2011
Kategorie: Závody
Heiðmörk, Rathlaupsfélagið Hekla, NATLOC2011, ISL
Very difficult terrain. Green = slow walking and fight, green hatching = mixed thick bushes = same speed like in green. Yellow = o...
ICE-O 2011 sprint (01.07.2011)
Pátek 1 červenec 2011
Kategorie: Závody
Miðbær Reykjavík, Rathlaupsfélagið Hekla, NATLOC2011, ISL
Cool city sprint. Very fast in the beginning and some nice small streets and routechoices later. Top quality map.
Nuuk O-fest sprint (29.06.2011)
Středa 29 červen 2011
Kategorie: Závody
Hans Egede, NASP, NATLOC2011, GRL
Nice sprint in the old colonial harbour. Start and finish at the old hunters house. Which is still in use is fact! Right after the...
Nuuk O-fest Nanorsuaq (28.06.2011)
Úterý 28 červen 2011
Kategorie: Závody
Nuuk O-FEST 2011, NASP, NATLOC2011, GRL
Big polar bear race - the long distance. Perfect weather and very nice views. Again no trees in Nuuk = white colour is open land. ...
Nuuk O-fest score-o (27.06.2011)
Pondělí 27 červen 2011
Kategorie: Závody
Ravnedalen, NASP, NATLOC2011, GRL
First run in Nuuk. No sledge dogs (not allowed in Nuuk) here. Quite rough map with 10m contours. Big hills and really high cliffs....
Greenland AMO: Arctic Midnight Orienteering (24.06.2011)
The holly grail of orienteering in Greenland. Mass start at 11 p.m. and one of the toughest ultra long distances I've ever run. Th...
Greenland AMO: Unofficial Greenland Championship (23.06.2011)
Very hilly race in high cliffs. Everybody already prepared for this kind of terrain but legs started to hurt after all climbs... M...
Greenland AMO: score-o (22.06.2011)
Středa 22 červen 2011
Kategorie: Závody
First run in Greenland. Very unusual experience. There is no tree in Ilulissat, thus white = open land. Most of the area is covere...